“Be ready to discover His divine designs anywhere and everywhere”- John Piper

I like to consider myself ready to discover divine designs anywhere and everywhere; however, with a camera in hand, there’s proof I’ve been ready to discover.

We’ve all heard of “Ah-ha!”, moments. You know, those little moments where the lightbulb pops up above Wile E Coyote’s head when he’s devised yet another plan to catch Roadrunner.

For me, there wasn’t a lightbulb. There weren’t any piles of dynamite to strategically place in order to catch that darned Roadrunner once and for all. But, there was emotion. And, my breath was stolen from me… all with the click of my shutter. What I’m about to show you may just be another picture of a beautiful bride (and ISN’T she stunning?), to you- but to me? To me, this photograph confirms that I’ve finally found my way in this world. Through all the confusion, all the troubles, all the laughter, all the searching- I’ve found it… and, I’m so, SO, blessed to be using my life to capture moments like this.

So in love with April & Brian’s Charlotte Wedding- cannot wait to share more goodness with you.

To all our “Ah-Ha” moments…and to pursuing our passions and loves- Enjoy.



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