When most people are vacationing- ya know, at the beach, long weekends for 4th of July camping trips and cookouts, family reunions with plastic cups of lemonade and endless Monopoly tournaments (okay, maybe that was just my childhood?), we’re shooting weddings. As soon as Spring hits, our weekends are BOOKED. And, don’t get me wrong- I LOVE IT! But, there’s a teeeeeeny-tiny window between Spring/Summer and Fall wedding season that I really look forward to, and this year, we took a few days and spent some time wandering the streets of Chicago. I know if I say one more thing about Boston being one of my favorite places in the world, somebody’s gonna punch me (but,gah! Those accents! Wicked Ahhhhsome!), so- attention everyone! I LOVE CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we vacation, there’s 3 things on the agenda:

1) Eating. A lot.

2) Taking pictures of what we eat.

3) Sleeping in, and waking up so we can eat some more

Everything other than what I’ve listed here is considered an added bonus. If we happen to see sites? WONDERFUL. If we happen to ride the most spectacular Ferris Wheel we’ve ever encountered? FANTASTIC. If we happen to meet amazing street acrobats and subway musicians? EVEN BETTER.

We found killer deals at some thrift stores in Wicker Park. We pretended to be locals in an AWESOME apartment we found on AirBnB.com (YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT FOR YOUR NEXT TRIP) (I HEART CAPS LOCK). Oh, and Ted got a shirt with Obama’s face on it (take it easy, America. This isn’t about politics- it’s just a tribute to Chicago. Whew!). Then we moved to a swanky-swank hotel on the river with the most spectacularly comfy bed I’ve ever slept in/jumped on. It was SO comfy in fact, that I lost many hours of my life being lazy in it and reading the stacks of magazines I’ve been meaning to read for the past 5 months (oh, and I found out that the Sheraton has their own line of beds and bedding that they sell online. Hello, piggy bank. I’ll be giving you all my spare change to save up for this bed). Splendid, I tell you. SPLENDID.


Our Favorites::

 Doughnuts (we got the Old Fashioned and the Chocolate) from Glazed & Infused in Wicker Park

 Chicago style popcorn cheddar & caramel MIXED (what the what? Life-changing).

Deep dish pizza from Giordano’s (duh).

Penne Alla Vodka &  a burger the size of your head on a pretzel bun: Francesca’s Forno in Wicker Park


Our Favorites::

AMAZING handcrafted beer from Piece in Wicker Park

Super cool German restaurant (also featured in The Dark Knight movie!) Berghoff


Our Favorites::

 Made-to-order custom t-shirts while you wait by The T-Shirt Deli in Bucktown. They have the CUTEST packaging & branding you’ve ever seen- AND they include a treat! YUM!

Awesome selection of unique Men’s and Women’s apparel (we found the perfect flannel & super cute lace shorts) at Una Mae’s on Damen St


Going on a trip and looking for great deals on where to stay? Check out our new favorite site: AirBnB.com

Our favorite spot to eat/drink/shop/relax in the city:: Bucktown/Wicker Park

We love Chicago. Here’s some of our favorites from our time in The Windy City. Enjoy!

See this? This is the goat-cheese & marinara dip from Piece Brewery in Wicker Park. You’ll lick the bowl clean (well, at least I did).

When you’re 6’2, thin, with crazy, long arms- it’s hard to find the perfect flannel shirt- but the thrift stores in Bucktown did NOT disappoint! Ted scored some awesome shirts for under $3.

Those purple corduroy pants? My size. Lucky Brand. $4. BOOM.

Our first morning in Wicker Park, we noticed a mob of people wearing Red shirts. My initial thought was “this can’t be right.. We’re in Obama country, right?”. Turns out we were there for the first day of a Teachers’ strike for which they all wore red shirts, and this clever little shop honored teachers by designing this twist on the classic City of Chicago flag (traded stars for apples). Loved it!

Ted was so proud of his custom-designed t-shirt with Obama’s face on it. I’m still bummed I never ended up with an “Obama Yo’ Mama” shirt. Been wanting one for 4 years now. I settled for a baseball shirt with a cub wearing Harry Caray glasses. Seemed a little more my speed.

Move over, Krispy Kreme & Dunkin’ Donuts. You’ve got nothin’ on these guys. Hole-y goodness. (See what I did there? Hole-y? Hole? Get it? Donut Hole? HA.)

That’s me and my caramel apple from Margie’s. I was supposed to share it. And, I didn’t. I ate it all. By myself. While sitting in bed. The end.

…And then, we turned the corner and found these “Hardcore, Parkour!” (for all you fellow Office fans) guys practicing their moves. Some of the pictures are a little blurry. I probably was eating something and taking pictures at the same time. All their explosive energy just made me even more hungry. In fact, I’m getting hungry now just talking about it. Nonetheless, Hardcore Parkour!  In Chicago and interested in Parkour? CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!:: ParkourWays

The apartment we stayed at in Wicker Park had a guestbook with fun entries from people all around the world. We decided to turn our pages into a scrapbook, and let everyone know how much we loved the area (SO glad we had our FujiFilm Instax with us this trip!)

In addition to the most comfortable beds, The Sheraton in downtown Chicago had the coolest bathroom lighting- ring lighting! The mirror was surrounded by awesome light, and I couldn’t help but snap a self-portrait. If you take a look at my pupils, you’ll see an circle of light- that’s the reflection of the light around the mirror. So cool! (I know. Uber dork photographer talk). Oh! And this perfect light was a great excuse to feature my lovely Ombre ‘do I got from an adorable little Aveda salon, Blueberry Moon.

We relaxed on a bench at the end of Navy Pier on September 11th, and this seemed to be the perfect way to capture the feeling in the city that day.

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  1. Jill: October 25, 2012

    I love your photos. I love your creativity. I love the photo of 1/2 of the bean (cloud- whatever). I love that you explore new cities like locals (my favorite thing to do!). I love that you and Ted are super cute. I love your ombre hair. And I love that taupe shirt.
    So I’m pretty much obsessed with you. Ha!

  2. Moe: October 25, 2012

    love the post, it’s fun to see someone from outside Chicago do it so well! thanks for sharing

  3. Mum: October 25, 2012

    I’m so proud of you. You are so FULL of LIFE and your photography shows it.
    I can’t even say which photo is my fav….I love them all….. I never want to go “North” but this blog makes me think I would consider it…..if you came with me. :)

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