Jul 12


If you’ve read through anything I’ve ever written in my blog posts, more often than not, I’m referencing something incredibly inspiring I’ve learned from the incredibly talented, Elizabeth Messina.

Over the past few years I’ve attended WPPI & having had the honor of attending A Lovely Workshop in Sea Island, Georgia this past April, I’ve had the honor of learning how overwhelmingly

generous, caring, encouraging, and down-to-earth Elizabeth is. Her voice is comforting.

Her approach to photography is calm and beautiful. Her work is luminous.

Elizabeth is beautiful inside and out- with a heart and demeanor that immediately makes you feel like family.

See this beautiful book below? Yea- she wrote that. She shares where she finds inspiration & how she approaches every shoot.

And…..I have something very exciting to announce….

(In case you’re not familiar with her work- She’s a film shooter, and get ready to fall in love. These first two images are hers)

You see, after 4 years of marriage, Ted and I have had our share of tears, laughs, adventures..We’ve grown.

In just 4 years, we’ve become even closer than we were on our wedding day…

So, we decided we’d like to revisit our wedding day to represent how far we’ve come since then

Here’s some styling we’re working on…

…and I will be wearing one of these beautiful dresses..

…and here’s an overall feel for what we’re going for…

(…And I’m praying that this dress will fit me well! I’m not usually an online shopper)

..and here’s what handsome Ted will be wearing…

…and it will probably include patterned pants…

You see, as photographers, we spend so much time giving others something beautiful to hang on THEIR walls,

 and we’re not really fans of self-timers. Other than a portrait I’ve taken of Ted, and one that Ted has taken of me,

we don’t have a single photograph of the two of us. And, it’s time for that to change…

..because photographs are so meaningful to us. And it’s been FOUR years since Ted and I have been together in a photograph

other than ones we’ve taken ourselves with our iPhones.

And we are SO excited to announce that next month when we’re in California,

we will be incorporating all these beautiful styles into our portrait session with THE Elizabeth Messina.

Be still my heart. I cannot contain my excitement. I’m completely speechless.

Portraits Of Me: Elizabeth Messina, A Lovely Workshop

Dresses & Coverups: BHLDN

Mens’ Fashion: Banana Republic

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