singer & songwriter (…and the best sister a girl could ask for)

Like a novice to a virtuoso

Like nonsense to poetry

So I cannot scratch the surface

Of fathoming the Almighty.

Attune our hearts to Yours, Lord

Align us to Your ways

When everything around us changes

When underfoot is sinking sand

When questions far outnumber answers

Rearrange Us, God.

-“Rearrange Us”- Taryn Hofert

I grew up listening to my sister singing and playing the piano. Our piano was in the formal living room (you know, the room that no one uses other than on Christmas and Easter), and she’d sit on the old wooden stool, playing for hours. She probably never knew this, but I’d dance in the hallway, twirling around in dizzy circles as she’d play some song, by some composer I’d never heard of. And, I loved it.

My sister, Taryn, was my greatest musical influence growing up. Her boom box was always introducing me to yet another strong, female voice and songs I still like to sing in the shower (Mariah Carey or En Vogue, anyone?) Back in the day before iTunes made our lives easy, Taryn recorded my favorite song, To Be With You, by Mr. Big (I’m a big dork, I know), off the radio and onto a tape for me. I still have it. Thanks, T.

I love music because of my sister. She showed me that music is an outlet for creativity, and a way to express everything we have inside of us.

Taryn recently released her worship album, Love & Justice, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s inspiring, encouraging, and talented. She’s an amazing mother, a pesto-making extraordinaire- and, she is undoubtedly my best friend.

When she asked me to take some shots for her album, I was ridiculously excited to be a part of her project.

Special thanks to Amelie’s French Bakery for letting us use your space during our shoot!…We promise to eat many of your salted caramel brownies and drink lots of your yummy French-press coffee in the future! We love you guys!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.


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