There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this child is one of the most loved children in the world. My sweet, smart, and curious little niece, Kiyah just turned one last month, and to celebrate, we met early on a Sunday morning to get some shots of Kiyah in all her glory. Ahh…yes. The wonderful age of one. A year of firsts. First tooth. First words. And as of recently, first STEPS! With the way Kiyah walks around, I can already tell she’s going to take after her mama and be quite the triathlete!

Kiyah’s parents, Adam & Rachel, are the best brother/sister in-law a girl could ask for. We’ve done everything together from camping trips and music festivals, to Sunday motorcycle drives and entire weekends dedicated to Family Feud marathons on the Wii. I love these two with all my heart, and couldn’t thank them enough for making me an Auntie for the third time (but this is my first NIECE!). I can’t help but buy Kiyah REALLY girly things (like a bathing suit with a tutu attached! How stinkin’ cute?! I mean, seriously?!) since my world has been filled with superheroes and boogers for so long now (still, I love my two nephews with all my heart).

Sweet Kiyah, Happy first birthday. In your first, curious year, you’ve managed to make everyone fall in love with you- and boy, do we love to love you!

Here are a few of my favorites from our morning in the park. Enjoy!

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