My sweet, Bostonian Grandma

My Grammy Dais, who is stunning and a few months away from turning 90, lives in a small, one bedroom apartment right outside of Boston.

I spent many Easter’s crowded around her dining room table picking at my ham and obsessing over the fact that she’d make place cards for even the most casual events.

Her colors are orange, olive, yellow, and gold, would never dare of wearing blue, although, her blue eyes are her most beautiful accessory. Daisy is an owl-collector. Anything and everything with an owl on it has its own story, and she remembers every detail including where she got it, who she got it from, and sometimes, what she was wearing when she got it. She keeps her shoes in their boxes, stacked neatly in her closet. She never fails to have a homemade dessert waiting for us when we visit. She keeps “The Club” on the steering wheel of her ’99 Ford Taurus (unlocked- HA!), and exercises, faithfully, every day. She’s also proof that sunblock can save your skin- how beautiful is she?!

During our visit I asked her if she ever just lounges around in her pajamas on days she doesn’t plan on leaving her apartment. Her response: “Oh, dear! No! I get up, get dressed, do my hair, and have that makeup on EVERY day. If something ever happens to me and they have to come and haul me outta here, I know I’ll at least be lookin’ GOOD!” When we passed a few ladies from her building in the hallway, she shouted “Oh! There’s Daisy! Mrs. Beauty Queen!”

My Grammy Dais has been collecting owls since she was a little girl. She said she fell in love with them when she was 9 years old, and she saw an owl at a zoo. She said she’d never seen anything more beautiful, and right then, she started collecting.

At almost 90, Daisy has some beauty advice to pass along. She swears by Clinique makeup, eating breakfast, and staying active (she went to the gym until she was 85).

Here are a few of my favorites from our stay with Daisy. (Don’t you just love the orange lipstick?!)

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