I get to work with some really cool people- and, it’s awesomely creative people like Bryce that remind me of how blessed I am to be doing something non-cubicle with my life. Bryce is an AMAZINGLY talented videographer and artist that I’m only hoping to work more closely with in the future. Bryce is the reason I have this pretty flippin’ sweet promo video:: (pardon how many times I say “um” and “I think that”. I’m more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it! However, Bryce made sense of my nonsense- and for that, I am thankful!)

Bryce is encouraging, inspiring, artistic, and one of those all-around sweet, good guys. We creative types tend to trade art for art, so in return for my fabulous promo video, I took some pics of Bryce for future use on his website and for commercial use. Bryce does everything from wedding videography to commercial videos and bios.

Check out this promo video that Bryce recently did for Charlotte-based leather smithing company, ColsenKeane

Need a video of any kind? …or, even someone to smoke hookah with and laugh until your sides hurt?.. Bryce McNabb your guy:: http://backyardblacksheep.blogspot.com/

So, here are a few of my favorite shots from our afternoon together. Enjoy!

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  1. Grace: December 24, 2011

    Love these pics Lauren…and with such a cutie too!

    Wanted to get you to take some family pics before my son goes to his first duty station in Japan but he leaves soon. Bum!

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