I’m thankful for love.

I’m thankful for family.

I’m thankful to be able to do what I love every day of my life.

I’m thankful for friends.

I’m thankful for my $29 Mr. Coffee Espresso maker.

I’m thankful for my health.

I’m thankful for having given a smackdown to my 2011 goal (run the Thunder Road half-marathon). Yea, I beat my goal by a good 10 mins. TAKE THAT, hips that seem to work against me in everything I do! Pssshtt. I’m a runner now.

I’m thankful for the brief moment when the sun hits the horizon and all of creation glows (thanks, God. You did a good job with all that).

I’m thankful for finally knowing where I belong.

I’m thankful for finding peace.

I’m thankful for getting over my nerves and finally feeling comfortable singing on stage at my pretty flippin’ sweet church, Watershed (and that even when I mess up, they don’t “boo). Seriously, though. I’ve always had this fear that if I messed up on stage, that the audience would all join in in a unanimous “BOOOOOOOO….” like that crazy old witch from Princess Bride. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re really young and probably have never owned a VCR. For the rest of us, relive that greatness HERE.

Oh, yea. Back to being thankful..

I’m thankful for my early mornings with Oswald Chambers’ wise words.

I’m thankful for road trips, complete with endless amounts of junk food. (Twizzlers and Salt & Vinegar chips, you know who you are) (oh, and not those fancy Pull N’ Peel Twizzlers, either. I mean the original red, tough, boring ol’ licorice that you’d bite both ends off of and use as a straw to drink your soda. Someone please tell me I’m not alone in this?)

Again, I’m thankful for love, and for all the ways it’s been shared in my life.

And, also, of course- I’m thankful to have had a warm, cozy home, and a belly full of turkey, gravy, mashed puhtaters, and some punkin’ pie.

….I wanted to spend the day focused on what means most to me- my family. So, I shot a few details in my mom’s adorable kitchen, and put the camera away. Some moments need to be enjoyed neither behind nor in front of a lens…they just need to be enjoyed.

oh…and did I mention I’m thankful for the Turkey Hat? Because I am.

..And I’m thankful for all things homemade.
…And I’m OH, so thankful for food. I love food. ALOT.

..And, okay, I’ll admit it. I’m thankful for Target. And midnight sales. And somehow coming out of Target that night without having purchased a single thing. I basically became a magician on Thanksgiving (I made pies, too. And, pie? That’s MY KINDA MAGIC).

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  1. Cheale: December 1, 2011

    *tears* this is beautiful! <3

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