I slept through my alarm this morning, missing a workout I paid $5 for. Dang it.

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When Kayla & John asked us to be their photographers, I couldn’t have been more excited. Just having seen these two interact in passing, I knew they would be a DREAM to photograph.

Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since this precious, little lady was born.

Matt & Rachael welcomed little baby Owen Bennett Shaughnessy to the world in December, and man, oh, man, I could NOT WAIT to get my hands on this little bundle of spit bubbles.

Cheale is a unique, glowing, amazingly talented woman. Fredy is a family-oriented, loving, caring man. Cheale and Fredy complete each other

Jan 09

Test Post One.

Hi there. This is an example of a blog post. Links look like this. Bold text looks like this. Italics look like this.