This wedding could not have been any sweeter or any more “them”. We absolutely love when couples make their big day one that describes them in every way imaginable- and, that’s exactly what Savannah & Brady did. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Savannah & Brady got married under an old tree on the campus of Appalachian State University (where they met during their undergrad). Savannah & Brady are both starting their first year of teaching this Fall (Brady’s a Math teacher, hence the clever little sign towards the end), so in addition to planning every aspect of their wedding, they were planning a honeymoon, packing up their apartment, apartment shopping, and interviewing for teaching jobs in NC (which they both landed in Burlington, NC! Congrats!) We love, love, LOVE shooting weddings of college sweethearts- and what could be better than capturing those moments on the grounds where it all took place?

My first experience in Boone, NC at ASU was in the Fall. We tailgated along with the other alums (Ted is a proud alum of ASU), sported black & gold, and cheered for the football team (and ate more hotdogs in one weekend than I had ever in my entire life). I’ve never seen a more excited crowd IN MY LIFE. There’s something magical about 30,000 + fans of all ages, covered in face paint, together in a stadium literally nestled into the side of a mountain (it’s like Hogwarts, for all my fellow HP fans). ASU is known for their football team, so it only seemed fitting that we capture Savannah & Brady (and their wedding party- all current students, or grads of ASU) on the field. I’m completely obsessed with the images from the football stadium. Nothing screams “YAY, COLLEGE WEDDING!” like pom-poms and a collection of state champ rings.(And to all you North Carolinians- if you’re ever looking for a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the Fall, find something black & gold, drive up to Boone, and get ready to have more fun than you’ll know what to do with. You can peruse the cute antique shops, eat organic, locally sourced bites at Hob Nob Farm Cafe, and prepare to fall in love with this mountain town. The only rule- you better invite me. I’m fun. I promise).

Savannah & Brady were surrounded by love the entire day. Their ceremony was sweet and intimate, and their reception was a cozy, friendly after-party with yummy food, dancing (where we learned “The Wobble“, and where I actually got to dance with some of my favorite people!), and lots of laughs. We loved the  ”I love Brady because..” and “I love Savannah because..” notes they used for table decor. Sweet things like “because he puts my name into songs”, and “because she’s a perfectionist” stole our hearts! And, what’s fun for a day-time exit from a reception? Forget sparklers- BUBBLES! Obsessed with that idea.

Congrats, you two! We’re so excited about these images, and we can’t wait to hear all about your new jobs! Yay, marriage! Yay, grown-up jobs! Yay, football season being around the corner! YAY!

Venue: Appalachian State University
Ceremony: Durham Park
Reception: Solarium of Plemmons Student Union
Salon: Sassy & Co.
Wedding Coordinators: Cathy Wilson and Perry Slade
 Musicians for ceremony:  Collin Hites, Brian Vu, Austin Pope (Students Savannah taught during her time Student Teaching!)

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  1. Emily Lapish: August 14, 2012

    IN. LOVE. with this. Love the colors, the details, the personality – and REALLY love the art gallery shots. To die for.

  2. DeLane: August 14, 2012

    Gorgeous! You absolutely captured Savannah and Brady! loved looking through the pictures!

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