Most brides and grooms wake up the day of their wedding a little frazzled, a little stressed, and a little busied; but, Sarah & Joe? Nah.They woke up, had breakfast with their closest friends and family, passed out t-shirts they had customed designed & printed, and ran a wedding day 5k, the called “Race To The Altar”. Yep, that’s right. Could it get anymore down-to-earth and fun than that?! This sense of community and love for friends & family was the overwhelming theme of this wedding extravaganza. Oh, and did I mention this all took place on New Year’s Eve?! These two don’t joke (..and, neither do their families!). The Galanti’s and Shoemaker’s will forever go down in history for throwing one of the most loved-filled and excitement-packed events I’ve ever seen. These guys can PAR-TAAAY. And goodness, we love us a good party.

Their vows were beautiful. The room was full of loving friends and family. There was dancing. And funny sunglasses. Bridesmaids (AND THE BRIDE) danced in turquoise slipper-booties. Sarah and Joe were lifted up into the air on chairs. Balloons fell from the ceiling. Plastic top hats were rocked. And then, when all that was over, the Galanti-Shoemaker crew took over the hospitality suite and continued the party well into the first day of 2012.

To call this a “wedding” doesn’t even begin to describe what took place. This? THIS was a momentous celebration of life, and love, and absolutely all things merry.

Sarah & Joe, I LOVE YOU GUYS! Congrats, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for inviting us to photograph your wedding, and more than that- making us feel like family.

Coordination:: Bluming Creativity  (AMAZING TO WORK WITH! Tara & her team are pretty stinkin’ awesome!)

Venue:: Alpharetta Marriott (BEAUTIFUL!)

This was a really special moment to me. Because Sarah’s dress had an element of surprise, she couldn’t have any of her family or friends help her get her dress on; so, I stepped in. I snapped a few pics to capture the excitement and beauty of the moment, but I was so honored to be able to take part in one of my favorite parts of any wedding day.

…I EVEN GOT A WEDDING DAY T-SHIRT! HEY-OH!Nothin’ I like better than earning a race t-shirt without having to run! Win-win..WIN…

Let the games begin! Saturday morning “Race To The Altar” 5k race (complete with custom t-shirts!). How fun is that?!

Ever wondered what the guys are up to on a wedding day? Well..Here’s what these guys were up to.

..Meanwhile, the ladies were gettin’ all prettied up.

…Then there was the big reveal. GAH! I love this moment.

And, of course, the handsome groom..

The hotel had such gorgeous natural light and interesting patterns and colors. LOVED it! It was such a perfect venue for Sarah & Joe’s wedding

This was one of my favorite moments of the entire day. There was a first look for Sarah and her dad (I’m such a Daddy’s girl, so this moment spoke straight to my heart). SO SWEET.

…Remember that element of surprise I was talking about concerning Sarah’s dress? Well, here it is! CONVERTIBLE WEDDING DRESS!!! Amazing.

…And just when you thought the party was over, we said “goodbye” to 2011 and “hello” to 2012 with a countdown, dancing, and a balloon drop!

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