When we met Sandie & Chris back in October for their Apple Orchard engagement session, I immediately fell in love with their personalities, humor, and love for each other. We met for coffee, got to know each other a little bit, and spent the afternoon roaming the quiet streets of Hickory, NC for their engagement session before they headed home to Texas. We were SO looking forward to seeing Sandie & Chris at their wedding after all those months- it felt like a reunion (a really well-decorated, perfectly lit, beautifully orchestrated, amazingly styled, reunion).So often you’ll hear a bride describe how she wants to feel like a princess on the day of her wedding, and ladies, if you’re looking to feel like a princess- Graylyn Estate, in Winston Salem, NC, is the venue for you. This place looks like a castle, and is so perfectly manicured and maintained that I felt like if I opened a window and sung a happy song, birds would come flying to the sill to listen to me (ya know, like in the Disney movies). Prior to their wedding, I wanted to scope out the grounds, so my mom and I made a day trip up to Winston Salem to walk around Graylyn and take in the sites. The skies were that crisp Carolina blue, the grass was perfectly mowed, flowers were in the bloom, the sun was warm on our skin, birds were happily chirping- it was PERFECT. In fact, we stood there in silence taking in all the beauty and my mom suddenly shouted out “IS THIS A REAL DAY?!”.

Sandie & Chris’s Graylyn Estate wedding truly was like something from a fairy tale. The weather (that’s usually so unpredictable here in North Carolina), was PERFECT. It was intimate. It was colorful. It was so full of love. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: SWOON.

As a married wedding photographer, especially as a married wedding photographer who shoots weddings with her husband, I always come back from weddings saying “Oh. My. Word. We totally should have had our wedding there!” or, “Those flowers! I should have had those flowers!”, or “HER DRESS! I wish I had worn that dress!”. That’s when my loving, patient (and the rest of all things good) husband looks at me and says “But ours was OURS. It was US. It was perfect for US”. Geez, he’s always right. ALWAYS. (Shh! Just don’t tell him that I said that).

So, Sandie & Chris- thank you for letting me vicariously live through your  sweet, love-filled, and breathtaking wedding by photographing it :) From the bottom of our little hearts, thank you for inviting us to share in your day. We love you both dearly, and were so, SO honored to be your photographers- and better yet, we’re so thankful to now have you as friends.


Shout out to ALL the amazing vendors who made this wedding a dream to photograph. Your passion for what you do made this day happen!::

Venue: Graylyn Estate

Trio: Elegant Ensembles

Florist: Beverly’s of Midway

Videographer: Bryce McNabb

Wedding Director: Jo Stanley

DJ: A & A Disc Jockey






















































































..AND….. A HUGE Thank you to our good friend, Bryce McNabb, for capturing the whole day on video! We love you, Bryce!

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