It was just an ordinary day of running errands- car full of groceries (ice cream slowly melting in my re-usable Trader Joe’s bags as I sat in traffic), when I got a call from a sweet woman named Madelon. She told me her daughter, a film producer living abroad, would be getting married in just a few weeks at their home in South Carolina, and that they were in search of a wedding photographer. My first thought- THREE WEEKS?! My second thought: TELL ME MORE! In just our brief conversation, I was already in love with the bride and groom, and was so eager to meet with them. Then, I found out Megan (the bride-to-be) and her fiancé  William both lived in England and were planning their wedding from an entire ocean away. THANK GOODNESS FOR SKYPE! Megan, William, and I were able to overcome an ocean and a huge time gap to chat and get to know each other a little better. They had just gotten in from an evening with friends out on the town in London, and they were all cuddly and cute with their cozy cups of tea as they chatted with me (I was obsessed with all of this cuteness). I asked them to share their story, how they met, how they fell in love- the whole bit. Regardless of the late hour and the long weekend they’d had, they both were glowing and so, so in love. It was after this chat with them that they asked me to photograph their wedding, and I literally clicked my heels and danced around foolishly in excitement. There’s nothing that makes my heart happier than to have the honor of photographing a beautiful couple and a beautiful day.

Megan and William met one night in the pub where William had been tending the bar (and carefully eyeing Megan). Ladies- you know how we all dream of being pursued? Well, William did just that. Through a series of clever tricks, William stole Megan’s heart (and Megan his). It’s by no means going overboard to say that these two are completely smitten with each other. They are the complete package of creativity, smarts, humor, generosity, and style. From William’s custom designed & tailored suit from a local London shop (Newman Pearce Tailors), to Megan’s stunning custom-designed dress from another local London designer (Amanda Wakeley), every inch of this celebration was uniquely “Megan & William”.

Their first look stole my heart- completely. Megan grew up on this huge chunk of land in Landrum, SC, where she’d explore, ride horses, and soak in all the natural, beautiful scenery. Their first look took place in what’s called “The Enchanted Forest”, surrounded by these tall, luscious trees, and from there we wandered the fields of tall grass, and explored some very nostalgic spots along the way (the old covered bridge from Megan’s childhood, for example). Megan & William were so thankful for their family & friends from all over the world coming together for a day to celebrate their love for each other, and their love for life. In fact, this happy couple referred to the weekend of their wedding events as “Wedstock”. I LOVE IT!

In a conversation I had with Megan she said “I would rather have pictures of the food, than of me”. Now, if that’s not a sign of a true foodie, than I don’t know what is! Megan & William are so passionate about good food- so, they sought out the best of the best, using all organic, locally grown & harvested fine foods for their big day. Overflowing spreads of gourmet meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, desserts, wines & beverages continued throughout the evening, creating very much a relaxed, comfortable, Eur0-inspired dinner party atmosphere. They ate (INSANELY delicious cuisine). They drank (Pellegrino & Champagne). They danced (to the musings of an incredibly talented swing band, The Gold Diggers, from Nashville, TN). They laughed. As a film producer, Megan has such strong ties to films, which she cleverly tied into the theme of the wedding by using names of classic movies & handmade paintings (done by William’s incredibly talented sister) as place cards/ table decor. My personal favorites were of Audrey (the queen of style, class, and all things sassy), and of the scene from The Little Mermaid where Ariel is up on the rock singing her heart out to Prince Eric- sigh. Ahhh, romance.

Everything was beautiful. Everything was meaningful. Everything was emotional. Everything was…Perfect.

Megan & William- your love is so inspiring, so beautiful, so warm. From the bottom of my little heart- I love you both, and wish you every bit of beauty and love you both deserve in life. Thank you, thank you for inviting me to share in and capture these moments. Congratulations to you both, Mr & Mrs. Rubens!

**And a special thanks and shout out to the talented Alicia from Alicia White Photography for helping me tell Megan & William’s wedding day story! I love you, lil’ lady!

Megan’s Dress: Amanda Wakeley

London Shoes: Angela Nuran 

William’s Suit: Newman Pearce Tailors, London 

Hair & Make Up: Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge

Wedding Design & Flowers: Michael Pelkey Design

Catering: Stone Soup & Brian Kerr *all locally sourced ingredients

Bridesmaids Dresses: MV Couture via Etsy

Groomsmen: Brooks Brothers 

Band: The GoldDiggers Nashville, TN

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