Picture the a perfect little chapel- old wooden floors, covered in scuffs and scrapes from all those Sunday-best shoes since 1875. Cathedral ceilings, crisp, warm light beaming in through the windows. An old-fashioned black & white checkered floor, framed by an arched doorway. Welcome To All Saints Chapel, in Raleigh, NC- where Jordan & Luke exchanged vows and kisses on a Thursday afternoon.

There’s something so romantic about a weekday wedding. While others are shuffling along to work, dropping the kids off at practice, school buses busying the streets- there’s a couple, so, so in love, promising to spend their lives devoted to and loving each other. GAH. I love it. And even more- I. LOVE. THIS. COUPLE.

We met Jordan & Luke a little over a year ago when they were living here in Charlotte. Luke was a drummer in our band at church, and one night in practice he started talking about his, then girlfriend, Jordan. Luke had always been kinda shy, kinda quite, kinda silly, kinda smiley- but, he LIT UP when talking about Jordan; and, when I finally had the chance to meet Jordan, I completely understood why he was so crazy about her! Not only is Jordan drop-dead gorgeous, but she’s extremely down-to-earth, and hilarious! After getting to know the happy couple a little better during their engagement session, I was just dying for their wedding day to come along so I could get them in front of the camera again.

Jordan’s dress- GORGEOUS. This church- STUNNING. Their friends & family- SO LOVING. Every second of this wedding was filled with the excitement and overwhelming love of their dear friends & family, completely melting my little heart.

Oh! And just you wait ’til you see their exit! Now THAT’S what I call being swept off your feet!

Jordan & Luke- Thank you, THANK YOU for inviting me to capture these moments. I’m so thrilled for you both, and I hope we can all get together again some time soon! We love you guys!


FLOWERS: NEW CREATIONS FLOWER COMPANY (amazing work as always, Melanie!)


**Special thanks to Melissa of Melissa Joy Photography for all her help! Girl-not only are you an amazing friend, but you’re an incredibly talented photographer! (And I can’t wait to take your bridals!!!!!)

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  1. Kayla: August 2, 2012

    GREAT Job LR!!!!! Amazing moments!!! Sooo talented!

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