What girl wouldn’t want to marry the man of her dreams TWICE?! That’s exactly what Erin did! Erin & Alok’s Mega-Wedding weekend started with a Friday evening traditional Hindu ceremony, and ended early Sunday morning, dancing the night (and noise complaints) away during their rainy, Derby Day, Southern-charm wedding. The South is completely unpredictable in the Summer- it’s 105 degrees and sunny one day, and 65 and raining the next. We had beautiful weather for their Hindu ceremony the evening before, in fact, the weather was perfectly overcast minutes leading up to when Erin was about to put on her dress. And then, THE FLOOD GATES OPENED. Oh, for how long you ask? Try 2 hours! Groomsmen shuffled guests from one location to the next, trying to find anywhere dry for guests to wait while we patiently waited out the storm. That’s the beauty of having a wedding at a private residence! YOU create the schedule, so, rather than doing their ceremony under a tent or inside, champagne bottles were popped, mint juleps were sipped, and laughs were had, while we waited for the storm to clear. Then, alas, the sun came through, the ceremony took place while the sun set behind the tops of the green trees, and we partied the night away (and tried not to get TOO muddy). Erin & Alok’s crowd really knew how to throw down on the dance floor, and we had an awesome time capturing all the action.

Congrats, Erin & Alok! And thank you so much for having us be a part of your big day! We love you both dearly- Enjoy.

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You know how much we love dancing- so, it’s only appropriate that we offer up dancing awards from time to time. This next young lady really had some killer moves, and was the first and last on the dance floor. In fact, I never even saw her stop for food or drink (THAT’S HOW SERIOUS THIS GIRL IS ABOUT SOME DANCING). And for that, we’re giving her an award for “Best Moves & Highest Caloric Burn” of the evening::

Our next dancing award goes to this fella. Move over Adam Levine, cuz I’m afraid THIS guy’s got moves like jagger (and the lady crowd to prove it!). We’re awarding him with “Most Dance Sandwiches Of The Night” award. Oh, and also an award for telling us that we’re the best wedding photographers he’s ever met :)

Our last dance award is going out to this Bhangra dancer. When the DJ turned from Top 40 pop to Bhangra, she TOOK OVER the floor with her killer moves, showing everybody around how dancing should really be done. We’re giving her the “Show Those Kids How To REALLY Dance” award::

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  1. Ravyn: July 5, 2012

    I absolutely LOVE this wedding. The colors … the way you captured the light & emotion. SO GREAT! :)

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