From my own personal experience, and with every bride I’ve had the honor of photographing, we’ve all had one common fear: RAIN.

The flowers. The dress. The hair. The vision of the perfect, outdoor, fairytale wedding.

Planning an all-outdoor wedding is risky, and, the common alternative is to take everything into the dreaded “white tent” or completely change venues (or dates. eek). But what happens when the bride & groom have a certain love for Seattle (spent time living there & got engaged there), and Seattle decides to send it’s love via an unexpected weather forecast? I can tell you what happens: These beautiful, romantic images. Here I go again referencing The Notebook, but just like every other romantic chick-flick where the long-awaited for “kiss scene” happens in the middle of a torrential downpour, we’re all reminded again that it’s not about the details. It’s about the promise. (AND, that rain can make things pretty dang beautiful)

…And there were umbrellas instead of sunglasses.

…And there were guests huddled together, trying to stay dry & warm.

…And there were laughs. A LOT of laughs.

…And there were tears.

…And there were vows.

…And you know what? Ashley & Austen got married that day.

…And it was good. All was good.

There are many, many more amazing images from our time together, but I wanted to share these with all of you to reassure you that rain isn’t the end of the world, and even if things happen that you cannot control, love wins. Enjoy-


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