Where do I even begin with April & Brian? I suppose I could start by telling you how they met (singing karaoke), or I could start by sharing their FABULOUS engagement session with you, or, I could start by saying there really are no words. There are no words that can fully describe the energy and dynamic of this couple. There are no words that can even begin to describe their wedding. I mean, I can try:: local, music, unique, quirky, funky, colorful, “THEM”. Or, there’s the things April told me in one of our meetings “Oh! We’re going to have confetti canons fire off when we make our entrance to the reception!”, “OH! We’re literally “tying the knot!”, “Oh, oh! We’re having a wedding cake shaped piñata and karaoke during our reception!”, “Oh, this? Oh, this is just my custom-designed dress from Hayden Olivia. It’s the top of one dress and the bottom of another. NBD”. And, the list goes on.

I think I’m still recovering from all the awesomeness at this wedding. They were both so passionate about incorporating as many local friends, artists, and vendors into their wedding- and they did such an AMAZING job.  The local food (mac n’ cheese & bbq & a caramel apple station & chocolate covered bacon). The custom-designed favors (bottle openers from one of my favorite local designers). April’s signature lime green cowboy boots. Their Save The Dates (custom “band” posters with their faces on it!). And, there were also details of Brian’s hometown of Philly incorporated as well (like mini Philly-Cheesesteaks served at cocktail hour & April’s Phillies garter). Their colors. Their vows. Their awesome friends & family. The music. The energy. Their love. HOLY SMOKES. I can’t shut up about this wedding. I apologize to ALL of you for the fact that if we ever indeed meet face-to-face, that I’ll probably start raving about this wedding. Oh, and April is quite the Wonderwoman. Yea, she planned and designed it all on her own (no planner! WHAAAAAT???!).

April & Brian have spent years falling in love, and as the best of friends- which was ever apparent whenever they were in front of the camera. They’re so in love and so in-tune with each other, that they made being in front of the camera look effortless. We ended up with an overwhelming amount of photo-ops throughout the day, as we traveled from location to location. We basically took a mini-tour of Charlotte, and encompassed all of their favorite spots into the day. I’m SO stinking excited to share these with you!

A special shout-out to Melissa of Melissa Joy Photography and our intern Sarah, of Sarah Elizabeth Grantham Photography for all our help and fabulous work helping us capture this wedding. Sarah, your fisheye pics are awesome! Thank you! You ladies are the cream in our coffee :)

April & Brian- we are SO, so happy to call you friends, and that you chose us to capture these moments. Thank you for inspiring us with all your unique elements of your day, and your sweet love for each other.

Here are some (and by “some” we mean “A TON”) of our favorites from our time together. Enjoy!

Cake: Got What It Cakes

Dress: Hayden Olivia

Suits & Bridesmaids dresses: J. Crew

Hair/Makeup: Re Salon & Spa

Flowers: New Creations Flower Company

Catering: Something ClassicMidwood Smokehouse

DJ: Scott Weaver

Favors: Nikki Mueller of Not Made In China


I would like to take a moment to award the young lady in the photo below with the “Best Song Of The Night” award. Not ONLY did she sing my all-time favorite song, (“To Be With You”, by Mr. Big), but she ROCKED that awesome dress while doing so. So, little lady, you win. Congrats.

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  1. Taryn: October 10, 2012

    Unbelievable! You masterfully captured the most Charlottean-Eclectic wedding I’ve seen yet. Incredible.

  2. MelissaJoy: October 11, 2012

    Holy Moly… just saw these… you totally captured this day perfectly. You ROCK.

  3. Sara Lucero: January 23, 2013

    So fun and funky and beautiful!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I love this wedding! You did an awesome job, Lauren! And you already know how much I love that portrait of the bride. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

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