I’m still the little girl who used to play dress-up, pretending the world was my stage and the trees were ballerinas dancing in the wind. I’m still a believer in beautiful things.

As my dear friend and amazingly talented photographer, Elizabeth Messina, once said, “I believe in pretty”.

I believe in the magical mystery of romance.

For me, weddings are a reminder that every day should have cake. And dancing.

I’m reminded of twirling around the creaky wooden floors of my bedroom, daydreaming of love letters and traveling the world. I would sing. And dream.

I still get lost in moments of pretend & imagination and those daydreams filled me with wonder.

I will never stop believing in pretty. Or dancing. Or cake.

North Carolina Wedding Photographer Charlotte

A Lovely Workshop by Elizabeth Messina

Hair & Makeup: Erin Skipley & Claudia Mejerle

Florals: Amy Osaba

Props & Fashion: Ginny Branch

Fashion: Claire Pettibone

Hair Adornments: Twigs & Honey

Decor & Styling: Blue Eyed Yonder

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