Hmm… Let’s start listing things I love:

Wrap those 4 things up with a little bow, and you’ve got Lauren & Colby’s engagement session in Spartanburg, SC. Colby is an avid golf-lover, and Lauren…well, Lauren loves Colby and looks really good when he shows her how to putt like a pro :) (But she did get a hole-in-one! Girl’s got skills!)

When I first spoke with Lauren she said “I just really, really love bright colors!” So, with this in mind, we incorporated some fun, colorful things into today- including the greenest grass around (at a local golf course), some fun swirly-twirly lollipops, and an awesome blue/purple-y wall (that just so happened to be a Domino’s Pizza in a pretty sketchy side of town- ha!). We had such a blast with these two, and CANNOT WAIT for their wedding in November! Lauren & Colby- we love you guys!

Here’s just a few of my favorites from our time together today, but stay tuned for more colorful goodness- Enjoy!

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  1. Donna Mantooth: September 23, 2012

    OMG!!! What GREAT pic’s!!! LOVE them! Can’t wait till the BIG day!!!!

  2. Canella Dillard: September 27, 2012

    Love these photos!

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