Two things Sarah and Mark told me when we first met was “We’re kinda shy,” and “We want pictures uptown”. Then later I found out that one of their first dates was a ‘Lil Wayne they’re shy, but these two know how to have fun!

We met on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in uptown Charlotte for their engagement shoot, and I watched as Sarah and Mark naturally became more comfortable in front of the camera. Their personalities began unfolding, and after a few minutes they admitted they were actually having fun! (That’s a pretty big compliment!) We roamed the windy streets of uptown, stopping at some of our favorite spots around the city. As time passed, the once vacant streets started to fill up with the massive crowd that had been attending the Panthers game that afternoon (ENTER: THOUSANDS OF INTOXICATED SPORTS FANS HOOTIN’ AND HOLLERIN’ AT SHY, YOUNG COUPLE ALL DRESSED UP FOR THEIR PHOTO SHOOT). Not only did Sarah & Mark hold their own, they ROCKED IT. A girl as beautiful as Sarah dressed up in a blue dress and heels is bound to stop traffic, and man oh, man, did she ever! While we weren’t anticipating a crowd  during our session (I don’t keep up with sports, so I had no idea a game was going on that day (Hello, oblivious), the crowds of fans not only added a little bit of excitement to the tail end of our shoot, but they helped to make some insanely romantic shots. Sarah & Mark braved the stares of those partying at the sidewalk cafes at The French Quarter and managed to stay completely calm while stealing the attention of everyone around. What I love about The French Quarter is that it really looks like a little European alley, which is perfectly fitting since Sarah has strong German roots (and an awesome tattoo that says “liebe”, “love” in German, on her wrist). From skylines to city sidewalks, this urban, uptown session was the perfect way to spend a day with Sarah & Mark.

I’m thrilled with how these turned out, and I’m proud to call Sarah my “Uptown Bride”! So looking forward to their uptown wedding this Spring.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together. Enjoy!

…and then the crowds came. 

I LOVE the look on Mark’s face in this next photo. It’s the look of “Yea, she’s a babe..AND, she’s taken”.

Here comes the yummy sunlight. GAH! I love it.

All that lookin’ good can be tiring and COMPLETELY deserving of a drink. We stopped at my new favorite uptown, Italian place, Vapiano, for real (like, REAL) Italian pizza ($5 pizza happy hour every day from 4-7pm) and some hangout time.

..and I ended the day with an amazing Latte, courtesy of the barista at Vapiano (it was too pretty not to photograph). YUM!

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  1. Heather Gear: November 18, 2011

    LAUREN!!! These shots are stunning! Great job in capturing these love birds!

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