Engagement sessions are the perfect time for any couple to get comfortable in front of the camera, while doing something they love to do together. I always ask my couples, “What do you love doing together? On a typical Friday night, where would you be? What’s some place special, or something unique about your love story, that would really help you relax and enjoy being together?” When I asked Rebecca these exact questions, her response got me all excited. She said, “Well, Sean still has a truck he got in high school. He picked me up for our first date with it. He always said- ‘If the girl doesn’t like my truck, then she isn’t the right girl for me’. (and, it’s quiet an old and beat-up 2×4..so..) Other than that, we’d really love some shots in uptown Charlotte like we’ve seen you do before, and we love going to the park.”

I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I’ve lived in the south long enough now to know that guys + their trucks= a happy man. And, let’s face it ladies- we all know it can be like pulling teeth to get our guy to spend a Saturday afternoon all dressed up to have their pictures taken.

I knew this would be a perfect fit for them. Rebecca told me Sean got up early on Saturday so he could wash and wax the ole truck. When they showed up, she leaned in to me and said “He even shined the wheels. He was so excited”.

Further on into the session we noticed all the streets were completely empty and blocked off for some sort of biking road race. So, we used the traffic-less streets to our advantage! I’ll be honest- I’ve almost lost my life a few times trying to cross the street uptown, so, this was a relief! I love the shots of them walking down the middle of the road..totally reminded me of the scene in The Notebook where they danced in the middle of the road beneath the street light (I totally feel like a girly-girl right now, referencing such a film).

So, a red truck. A beautiful Carolina-blue sky. And finishing the afternoon in the park. It couldn’t have gotten any better than that! Rebecca & Sean- we can’t wait for your wedding in August! Really looking forward to seeing you both again. (Do I smell a red Toyota pick-up as a getaway car…?!)

Here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together. Many, many more to come! Enjoy!











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