There are few things more beautiful than this couple and their love for each other (and their sweet dog). As we wind down the end of an AMAZING (and busy, and crazy, and hectic, and exciting) wedding season, Fall sweeps in with all things we love: spiced cider, colorful leaves, and engagement sessions. There’s something so magical about an engagement session. It’s a moment amidst the craze of planning a wedding for a couple to take a breather and enjoy their engagement. It’s also an incredible opportunity for us to become more acquainted with couples, and a really fun way to spend the afternoon doing whatever a couple loves to do. In this case, Rachel & Eric wanted to spend their session playing fetch with their sweet dog at The Mint Museum on Randolph, and spend some time strolling the streets of NoDa- oh! And sipping some local brew from one of our favorite Charlotte breweries: NoDa Brewing Company.

When I first met with Rachel, she was glowing with excitement. Her love for life and for Eric is completely infectious. Rachel is absolutely a low-maintence, easy-breezy bride. One of the first things out of her mouth was “I just want to be married to Eric. I just want to wake up in the morning and have coffee with him. It’s all I want”. GAH. Their love is so beautiful, so romantic, so simple. The way they look at each other completely melts my heart. Rachel, a long-time fan of The Avett Brothers (the kind of fan that knew them way before they were playing on your Pandora station), incorporated her love for all things banjo by playing a couple tunes during the session (LOVED IT!). This sweet couple is also having a January Wedding (completely appropriate for Avett Bros. fans), and we are so honored that we’re the ones who get to be there to capture their big day.

With how laid-back Rachel is, and how sweet they are as a couple, I can’t help but really feel that their entire wedding will be so full of love, and friends, and family, and completely live up to these lyrics:

“She keeps it simple

And I am thankful for her kind of lovin’

‘Cause it’s simple
No longer do we wonder if we’re together

We’re way past that

And I’ve already asked her

So in January we’re gettin’ married
She’s talkin’ to me with her voice

Down so low I barely hear her

But I know what she’s sayin’

I understand because my heart and hers are the same

And in January we’re gettin’ married”


Some of my most favorite photographs to-date, are the images captured when Rachel & Eric completely tuned the cameras out, and tuned into the  music, dancing across the lawn of The Mint. All nervousness faded, and they were both glowing with love for each other- and it shows in the photographs. I just love these two beyond words.

So, without further delay, here are a few of our favorites from our time with Rachel & Eric. Enjoy!

*Special shout out to Ashley (one of our brides!) for assisting during this shoot! You’re awesome Ashley :) Can’t wait to share your beautiful wedding in the next few days!

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