I LOVE love; and, I love breakfast. And….so do these two. In fact, their love started over eggs and a cup o’ coffee.

Lauren & Nathan’s love story began over a cozy breakfast at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe (one of my favorite local joints amongst the row of amazing thrift shops in Charlotte). So, naturally, we decided that incorporating breakfast into their engagement session was a MUST. Ya know, those awkward first moments with a photographer where you look at them and say “Uh…what do we do now? What do we do with our hands?? Err…”? Yea, we avoided that with mixing bowls and whisks; and might I add, that these two are QUITE the cooks! In addition to eating yummy food, they love cooking yummy food. Our good friend, Kayla (who is actually kinda responsible for introducing these two lovebirds), let us make a mess in her kitchen to start out our session with a little home-cooked goodness. I get all wrapped up in engagement sessions, and couldn’t help but let my imagination run wild while watching them interact from behind the camera.

This was a glimpse into how their love started, and where their love is taking them. Slow, Saturday mornings. French press coffee. Massive amounts of home-cooked yumminess. A stolen hug and kiss while the quiche is in the oven. Lauren & Nathan’s love is simple, and pure, and beautiful (which made my job insanely easy). If anyone will, these two will absolutely put all their new Crate & Barrel goodies to good use. (P.S.- Lauren, girrlll….you got me HOOKED on Bailey’s creamer and French Press Coffee! YUM!)

After dirtying all the dishes, we headed outside of Charlotte to face the fierce, February winds and chilly temps. My natural instinct as a photographer/admitted perfectionist was “Oh, NO! WIND! BRIGHT, HIGH SUN! THIS IS NEVER GONNA WORK!” (of course, I kept my cool and didn’t mention that to them); and, while we did face forceful winds and the kinda cold that makes your nose run, these two were so wrapped up in each other that the weather didn’t matter. High, bright, sun? No problem. Wind so strong it could have blown Lauren away? Not an issue… Nathan was there to keep her on the ground :)

Finally, when we decided our cheeks were just the right amount of rosy, we headed to my new favorite (and somewhat secret spot), The Peddler’s Post, a new antique mall in NoDa. Conveniently located next to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE coffee shop in town (Amelie’s, in case the fact that I’ve talked about them at least a thousand times in my blog hasn’t clued you in,) The Peddler’s Post has a little bit of everything. On a lazy afternoon after having lunch with my mom, we decided to peruse the aisles and endless rooms of The Peddler’s Post, ’til our exploring brought us to this enormous, dusty, wonderfully window-lit warehouse, filled with mismatched furniture and vintage lamps. I knew at that moment THIS was the place for Lauren & Nathan. It completely encompassed “something new, something old”, and when they gave me free reign to basically do whatever I wanted for their engagement session (I love when couples trust my gut), I couldn’t have been more excited. (Oh, and if you find yourself at The Peddler’s Post any time soon, you can forget about the rustic, turquoise farm table. That joker will be mine…one day).

This post is a lengthy one- but, I couldn’t resist. Every image I went through I found myself saying “OH. WOW. Like, WOW”. Lauren & Nathan, we CANNOT WAIT to be a part of your Asheville wedding next month at the beautiful Crest Pavillion. Already counting down the days! Telling your story is quite an honor, and we love you both with all our little hearts.

Here’s (quite) a few of my favorites from our time together. Enjoy!

This session wouldn’t have been complete without my new friend/fellow photographer, Melissa, of Melissa Joy Photography. (Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I mean, seriously.)

Melissa volunteered her Saturday to come hang out with us, help make dreamy light, and well, almost blew away with the wind while holding my 6ft reflector. Thanks, Melissa for all your help, and well, for risking your life! Haha! It’s always fun making a new friend who has the same passion and interests as you. I’m always down for some fellow photog friend quality time. Here are some of Melissa’s favorites from Lauren & Nathan’s Engagement Session (Great work, Melissa!) You’ll be seeing a little more of Melissa’s work in the near future. Really looking forward to working with her this Summer!

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  1. Jill Gracie: March 16, 2012

    Beautiful couple. Beautiful photos. Beautiful love. Beautiful photgraphers. Love that you both are collaborating- it makes my heart smile! You are both so talented! <3

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