Four words that changed my life:: ROASTED BALSAMIC STRAWBERRY & BUTTERMILK. That’s right, y’all. We’re talkin’ the creamiest, dreamiest, yummiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted in your life- AND, it’s locally sourced and made. Kayla & Jonathan,  my good friends and quite possibly one of the most adorable, well-dressed couples you’ll ever see, launched their Ice Cream Of The Month club last month. When my pint of Roasted Balsamic Strawberry & Buttermilk frozen goodness arrived, I couldn’t wait to 1) photograph the heck out of it, and 2) lick the carton clean (which we most certainly did). YUM. The 6-month ice cream club is really giving me something new & delicious to look forward to every month:

May – Roasted Balsamic Strawberry & Buttermilk
June – Window Box Mint & Dark Chocolate
July –  Sweet Corn Blue Ridge Berry
August – Piedmont Peach Cobbler
September – Honey Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate 
October – Spicy Pumpkin

Interested in learning more? Here are the deets..

What is included in my 6-month ice cream subscription?

1 pint of locally sourced, knock-your-socks-off ice cream at the beginning of every month. Flavors appropriate to the season.

How do I get my ice cream?
Free home delivery to the following neighborhoods: Belmont, Villa Heights, Optimist Park, Plaza-Midwood, NoDa, Chantilly, Elizabeth and Uptown. If you live outside the above neighborhoods shoot me an email and we can discuss other options.

Do I get to choose the flavors?
Maybe when we are millionaires! Currently, we’ll make one blissfully yummy creation each month that all subscribers will receive. Each flavor is locally sourced and appropriate to the season and the Carolinas. Some aromatics are only available from afar – but we are committed to using ethically sourced ingredients. Period. All milk and cream is sourced from Homeland Creamery in good ‘ole Julian, North Carolina.

Are there other reasons to feel good about my subscription?
I’m thrilled that you asked that. Yes! $1 of every pint will support education in Malawi via Equitas, Inc. With 30 subscribers, that’s enough to send one Malawian child to secondary school for a year. I think that’s something to feel pretty darn good about! Haven’t checked out Equitas? Prepare to fall in love….

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  1. Cheale: June 8, 2012

    Looks delicious … wish I wasn’t allergic to strawberries `:P

  2. Shauna Hausle: August 21, 2012

    We were able to taste a sample and it was absolutely fantastic (the best ice cream I’ve ever had hands down). I’d love to buy a six month subscription for my boyfriends for his birthday, I also love that a portion of the proceeds goes to a great cause. Can you contact me so I can sign us up?


    Shauna Hausle

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