Well-weathered. Hand-stitched. Custom-made cases for Apple products

Scott, of ColsenKeane Leather, is a world traveler. He’s spent over 25 years traveling to over 40 countries on the hunt for the perfect leather bag.

“Much of the search seems to have been in vain. I felt it was time for the anti-cookie-cutter line of leather products: not fancy, not chintzy, not cheesy. Quality, durable, memorable, head-turning leather accessories and bags: our reason for founding ColsenKeane”.

ColsenKeane products are durable. ColsenKeane products are beautiful. ColsenKeane products are handmade. ColsenKeane products are unique. And…ColsenKeane products will not only protect that shiny little iPad of yours, they’ll help you look pretty dang stylish as well.

ColsenKeane was recently featured in the September 2011 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (along with one of our favorite shots of one of their bags- how cool is that?!)  We use a soft leather ColsenKeane tote to hold our business cards, so yea, we kinda feel like rockstars now.


Here are some of our favorites from our ColsenKeane product shoot (seriously, these bags are just as photogenic as a bride in her wedding dress). Once you’re done drooling over these leather goodies, head on over to www.ColsenKeane.com and getchu somethin’ custom!



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