There’s this magical island where light & a salt water breeze wraps itself around you… {Here are a few lovely moments from my time at A Lovely Workshop with Elizabeth Messina in Sea Island, GA} So honored to have been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings A Lovely Workshop by Elizabeth Messina Hair & Makeup: Erin […]

There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than the love of a family- and watching these two families officially become one, was one of the beautiful moments we’ve ever captured. When you think of a wedding day, you think jitters, and the dress, and the guest list, and the lavish honeymoon, and what flavor the cake […]

When we first met with Heather & Jimmy to discuss photographing their wedding, I couldn’t help but noticed how they glowed with love for one another. The way they told their story of how they met and fell in love gave me that same warm and fuzzy feeling I always get when watching some of […]

OHMYGOODNESS! Oh, how we LOVE Samantha & Chase- and oh! How we loved this time with them! It’s been 10 years since I had seen Samantha (knew her way back when I was living in VA)- and thanks to Facebook & family, we were able to reconnect and, voila! We’re shooting her wedding in AUSTIN, […]

It was a cozy, movie night on the couch last Spring when I remember my iPhone buzzing from an email. Sour Patch Kids in one hand, I grabbed the my phone to see what was going on. It was an inquiry for a wedding! Yay! (I always get really excited at these kinds of emails). […]