When I spent an evening watching, listening, and photographing  these AMAZING bands, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to my very short-lived Middle School band days- complete with a rusty, old clarinet, a face full of braces, and never really knowing how to read music. I memorized the fingerings of the notes and which notes I needed to play and when; but, I’ll admit it- I could never actually read the music. Dots on lines never meant anything to me. I need letters, people. Not dots. Not lines. Sorry, Mr. Abbott. I hope you’re not disappointed in me. You were an amazing band instructor, and I loved every minute of squeaking through “Hang On Sloopy” every year, but, I never really knew what I was doing (however, I’m sure you knew that).

However, it’s clear these musicians knew what all those dots on lines mean. I had the opportunity to photograph several bands from the Charlotte area, ranging in expertise from Middle School to professionals. This evening of Jazz took place in Cornelius, NC, and was sponsored by an amazing foundation, Music & Arts, that encourages the integration of music & arts in every aspect of life. The Lake Norman Big Band was the main act, joined by the famous Jim Pugh, who is an extremely technically and artistically talented trombone player.

These musicians inspired me. They poured their hearts into putting together seamlessly beautiful performances, all for the love of Jazz. There’s nothing better than photographing people who are in their element. Though I am typically photographing couples in love, it’s more than obvious that these talented musicians are just as much in love with music, as any bride is with her groom.

Here are a few of my favorites from An Evening Of Big Band Jazz. Ba-dee-ba-dop-bop-bop! Enjoy!

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