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There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than the love of a family- and watching these two families officially become one, was one of the beautiful moments we’ve ever captured.

When you think of a wedding day, you think jitters, and the dress, and the guest list, and the lavish honeymoon, and what flavor the cake is (okay- maybe that’s just me after 8 hours of shooting with a hankering for sugar!); But, Sean & Heather were far beyond the worries of the typical wedding details.

For them, it was about their love for each other, and their love for their children.

Their wedding was truly a celebration of love and family- blending all the separate components together to form one, beautifully-bow-and-satin-ribbon-tied family.

And they laughed. And they cried. And they danced. And it was perfect.

Here’s a little sneak peek of all things white, navy, green, and pink (LOVE THIS COLOR COMBO!)- enjoy!

xoxo, Lauren

Special Thanks To:
Wedding Planning/Coordination: The Graceful Host
Ceremony Venue: Avondale Presyterian Church
Florals: New Creations Flower Company
Reception Venue: Dressler’s

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When we first met with Heather & Jimmy to discuss photographing their wedding, I couldn’t help but noticed how they glowed with love for one another. The way they told their story of how they met and fell in love gave me that same warm and fuzzy feeling I always get when watching some of […]