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OHMYGOODNESS! Oh, how we LOVE Samantha & Chase- and oh! How we loved this time with them! It’s been 10 years since I had seen Samantha (knew her way back when I was living in VA)- and thanks to Facebook & family, we were able to reconnect and, voila! We’re shooting her wedding in AUSTIN, TEXAS (holla!) at One World Theatre this May!

We are so, so excited about this upcoming Texan wedding- and we felt a warm, sunny field with dreamy light, and paying homage to some homemade biscuits was completely for this adorable couple’s session. Chase totally rocked the coolest cowboy boots we’ve ever seen. No, seriously. Check those things out- now THAT’S a REAL cowboy! And, Sam? She just happens to look like a model straight out of a J. Crew catalog- must be tough to be so adorable at all times!

Sam & Chase- we CANNOT WAIT to see you again and be a part of your big day- you both are fabulous! Hugs from North Carolina- and we’ll see you soon! Enjoy :)

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It was a cozy, movie night on the couch last Spring when I remember my iPhone buzzing from an email. Sour Patch Kids in one hand, I grabbed the my phone to see what was going on. It was an inquiry for a wedding! Yay! (I always get really excited at these kinds of emails). […]