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Classic. Contemporary. Stylish. OOOO- we loved this wedding! Sarah & Mark are by far one of the most generous, selfless, most in-love couples we’ve ever met. Their uptown Charlotte wedding was an amazing celebration of love, life, family, and friends. Sarah even had relatives from Germany come for the wedding!

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Henna. Mondap. Langa. These were all words flying around at Erin & Alok’s Raleigh wedding. No lace, and pearls here, folks (that would be for their traditional Southern-styled wedding ceremony the NEXT day). But this day? This was all about Hindu traditions. And color. And family. And food. And celebration.

GAH!!! I LOVE THIS COUPLE! Every inch of this wedding from Lauren’s timeless style, to the family & friend-filled reception (complete with salted caramel brownies from Amelie’s French Bakery in Charlotte, which they ceremoniously cut in lieu of a cake..MY FAVE!), was swoon-worthy.  

Four words that changed my life:: ROASTED BALSAMIC STRAWBERRY & BUTTERMILK. That’s right, y’all. We’re talkin’ the creamiest, dreamiest, yummiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted in your life- AND, it’s locally sourced and made.