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Every now and then, you meet ”that” couple. That couple that lights up a room. That couple that inspires you with their stories of past adventures.

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Cheale is undoubtedly caring, generous, and kind-hearted. Cheale & Fredy have such a beautiful love story, and one of the sweetest, most precious little girls I’ve ever met- Sydney.

Last Friday I had the chance to hang out with The Sichler family in uptown Charlotte.

Two things Sarah and Mark told me when we first met was “We’re kinda shy,” and “We want pictures uptown”.

Baby Avery was not only sweet and absolutely beautiful, but at only weeks old, she was SO expressive! Her silly faces couldn’t have been any sweetness. She’s such a little bundle of cuteness. And, how adorable is that little knit hat with the giant bow? I mean, c’mon now.

It doesn’t get much better than a day in the park with an adorable British family!